zerotremilacento - public relational art

zerotremilacento is an open, interdisciplinary group that creates *public relational art for the area and social context it lives in.
zerotremilacento is a plural, composite entity, and the mediation that constantly unfolds within it between the We and the I, between collective and individual subjectivity, makes the association the first subject on which its form of relational art is tested out.
zerotremilacento’s locus of observation and action is the city and surrounding area, the city of places and people, the city as a community.
zerotremilacento believes that when a society develops an awareness of its own needs, of the shortcomings and idiosyncrasies of the area it lives in, and of its own creative potential, it becomes the agent and tool of its own urban revitalization.
zerotremilacento presents umbrella works comprised of multiple pieces by individuals, or single works to which multiple people have contributed, but in both cases the work is always interactive and process-based.

Goals and mission
Through its activity, zerotremilacento:
- builds a movement of creative inquiry geared toward the cultural revitalization of the people involved and the area in which they operate;
- explores the languages and mechanisms of social interaction, envisioning, testing and implementing new forms of empowerment centered on social creativity (since humanity needs each person to discover and draw on the artist within);
- tries to combine ethical, aesthetic, and physical elements within its art-making;
- tries to adopt a cross-disciplinary approach that moves beyond the compartmentalization of knowledge and society so characteristic of our era;
- tries to merge different fields within the creative act, reducing or even completely eliminating the division between creator and viewer;
- tries to reduce or completely erase the currently unbridgeable gap between artistic and cultural experimentation and a mass audience.

* The artistic activity that zerotremilacento carries out in its area has led it to define public relational art as art implemented for the public sphere—which is seen as a shared asset—with the active involvement of the population.
By this we mean that the artistic action is carried out within the public space, and that by influencing relations within the social fabric, and between the population and various other elements in its sphere of action, it tries to seek out and construct a public sphere that will be recognized as a shared asset and a dynamic space of ongoing negotiation between different subjectivities.
Public relational art is a form of art-making that:
- brings about forms of interaction that did not previously exist,
- challenges codified relationships that hinder the creative expression of human energies,
- sheds light on relationships that exist but are not recognized.

The form of public relational art

Since every creative act is truly realized through the relationship it triggers with the social fabric around it, the form of public relational art is not its material form (though the latter may come into play), but rather the form of the process, the form of action.
The “material" that is shaped, that is given a form, is the interaction among people, but also the interaction between people and the local context.
The work that emerges may be an umbrella work comprised of multiple pieces by individuals, or a single work to which multiple people have contributed; in either case, it will always be relational and process-based.
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